Ausset Aurélien

Ausset Aurélien

Plant experimentation
Phenotyping measurements
Communication and documentation

After a university education in biology, I joined INRA in 2011 as a research technician. I have been working at LEPSE since January 2019.

My activities at LEPSE

My work in the MAGE team is :

  • setting up plant experiments
  • phenotyping measurements in field, greenhouse and in growth chamber
  • imaging measurements and dissections
  • data formatting

I work in plant experimentation, ecophysiology, hydric and thermal stress on cereals, especially wheat.

Montage photos métier Aurélien

My collective work within the unit is :

  • communication referent with the INRAE Center in Montpellier
  • webmaster and manager of the YouTube channel
  • ddocumentation (library and inventory of the unit's publications)
  • manager of the pressure chamber
  • manager of the gas cylinder pool (compressed nitrogen, carbon dioxide)
  • manager of common parts and equipment (plant laboratory, etc.)

Read my speech on the recovery of waste generated at LEPSE :


My previous work in entomology

Before joining LEPSE, I worked for nearly 8 years in the field of insect breeding and phenotyping. I was involved in setting up and maintaining the breeding of around ten insect species and strains for research purposes, in four different insectariums (1 private structure, 1 IRD unit, 2 INRA units). These insects have diets as diverse as haematophagy (Siphonaptera, Diptera), phytophagy (Lepidoptera, Orthoptera), aphidiphagy (Coleoptera), fruiting bodies (Diptera) and endoparasitism (Hymenoptera). I have worked in the field of experimentation and carried out numerous phenotypic measurements in controlled environments.

This experience has enabled me to contribute to scientific publications and books, and to produce documentary series for community radio stations.

I am associated with recent scientific publications :

Foucaud J, Hufbauer RA, Ravigné V, Olazcuaga L, Loiseau A, Ausset A, Wang S, Zang L-S, Leménager N, Tayeh A, Weyna A, Gneux P, Bonnet E, Dreuilhe V, Poutout B, Estoup A, Facon B (2021) How do invasion syndromes evolve? An experimental evolution approach using the ladybird Harmonia axyridis. Peer Community Journal 110.24072/pcjournal.32.

Olazcuaga, L., Rode, N., Foucaud, J., Facon, B., Ravigné, V., Ausset, A., Lemenager, N., Loiseau, A., Gautier, M., Estoup, A., Hufbauer, R. (2019). Oviposition Preference and Larval Performance of Drosphila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae), Spotted-Wing Drosophila: Effects of Fruit Identity and Composition. Environmental Entomology. Volume 48, Issue 4, August 2019, Pages 867–881 [doi] [Abstract] [PubMed]

Gautier, M., Yamaguchi, Foucaud, J., Loiseau, A., Ausset, A., Facon, B., Gschloessl, B., Lagnel, J., Loire, E., Parrinello, H., Severac, Lopez-Roques, C., Donnadieu, C., Manno, M., Berges, H., Gharbi, K., Lawson-Handley, L., Zang, L.-S., Vogel, H., Estoup, A., Prud’homme (2018). The Genomic Basis of Color Pattern Polymorphism in the Harlequin Ladybird. Current Biology, 28 (20), 3296 - +. [doi] [Abstract] [PubMed]

Darries-Vallier A., Ausset A., Besrest P., 2013, Experimental Implantation Trials of Xenopsylla cunicularis Smit (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) in Northern France with the Objective to Use it as Vaccine Vector - International Journal of Insect Science 2013:5 21–34 [doi] [Abstract]

I am associated with recent books (co-author)

Information to come

I write documentary series for local private radio stations.


Other work and publications


Ausset A. et Soulé G., 2009, La coopérative oléicole intercommunale de Pignan : histoire, typologie des apporteurs et enjeux d'avenir - Études héraultaises, hors série, 113 - 119 [Abstract]

University work

Ausset A., Soulé G. (2005), Étude sur le devenir de la culture de l'olivier en zone périurbaine au travers de la mise en place de la traçabilité à la coopérative oléicole intercommunale de Pignan (Hérault), Master's course report

Ausset A. (2006), La valorisation des espaces ouverts périurbains : le projet de remise en valeur agricole et paysagère des garrigues de la commune de Pignan (Hérault), Master's course report


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