Rolland Gaëlle

Rolland Gaëlle

Team : ETAP
Presentation of the missions for ETAP

Realization of biochemical assays, molecular analysis
Support to phenotyping experiments
Routine implementation of flow cytometry analyses for different plant organs and species

Transversal missions in the unit

Responsible for the biochemistry laboratory of the unit
Radiation protection - Quality - Biochemical assays

Author of technical articles 

Rolland G (2018) Un outil de gestion pour une soute commune à déchets radioactifs. Cahier des Techniques de l'INRA 95: 3.

Rolland G (2020) Choix d’une méthode d’extraction et de purification pour le dosage des sucres solubles et de l’amidon dans les tissus ligneux de la vigne. Le Cahier des Techniques INRAE 100: Art3.

Associated with recent publications

Lièvre M., Wuyts N., Cookson S.J., Bresson J., Dapp M., Vasseur F., Massonnet C., Tisne S., Bettembourg M., Balsera C., Bédiée A., Bouvery F., Dauzat M., Rolland G., Vile D. & Granier C. (2013) Phenotyping the kinematics of leaf development in flowering plants: recommendations and pitfalls. WIREs Developmental Biology 2: 809-821.

Bouteillé M, Rolland G, Balsera C, Loudet O, Muller B (2012) Disentangling the intertwined genetic basis of root and shoot growth in Arabidopsis. PLoS one 7(2):e32319

Pantin F, Simonneau T, Rolland G, Dauzat M, Muller B (2011) Control of leaf expansion: a developmental switch from  metabolics to hydraulics. Plant Physiol. 156:803-


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Office 2041

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