Leveau Stéphane

Leveau Stéphane

Modelling and analysis of interactions between genetic variability, water stress and nitrogen demand on growth and tillering in wheat.

Stéphane Leveau was a doctoral researcher under a CIFRE agreement with ITK SAS and LEPSE (thesis defended on 17.11.2022), then a contract research engineer between LEPSE and UE DIASCOPE (Mauguio).

Title : “Sensitivities of shoot expansion to abiotic stresses in wheat. Relationships between processes, at different levels, in an expanded genetic diversity”

Abstract :

Elementary summary on research chapters : The first study provides ecophysiological formalisms of leaf growth and transpiration in response to temperature and evaporative demand. In a second part, we propose a method for selecting a sub-panel of genotype to maximize yield diversity according to the grains number in durum wheat and the spikes number in bread wheat. This study also structured the genotypes according to their rank of sensitivity to the constraints of low irrigation input and nitrogen supply. The third study explores this sub-panel under water stress scenarios to provide formalisms of responses to soil water potential and genotypic trait output. These variables allow us to identify tillering as an important factor of shoot expansion in response to soil water potential. In our last study, we show that the genotypic parameters estimated in platform can be used in crop models for field projects.

Keywords: wheat, leaf growth, tillering, ecophysiology, nitrogen fertilisation, water-nitrogen interaction, crop model



UMR LEPSE - INRAE :  Pierre Martre (thesis director) and Boris Parent (co-director)

ITK SAS : Serge Zaka (doctor in agronomy)

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