Vrignon-Brenas Sylvain

Vrignon-Brenas Sylvain

Team : ETAP

Sylvain Vrignon-Brenas ended his contract at LEPSE on 30.06.2021.



My post-doctoral work is at the interface between ecophysiology and modelling.
Within the framework of the NV² project (vineyard nitrogen management in the cellar) and in collaboration with various actors of the wine industry (IFV, nyséos, Lallemand, Frayssinet, itk, INRAe), my post-doctoral work aims at proposing a model capable of simulating the effect of nitrogen on the vegetative and reproductive development of the vine based on data from pot and field trials.
This model will then be used to build a decision support tool (DST) that can be used by winegrowers to help them in the fertilisation strategies to adopt.


Vrignon-Brenas S, Metay A, Leporatti R, Gharibi S, Fraga A, Dauzat M, Rolland G, Pellegrino A. 2019. Gradual responses of grapevine yield components and carbon status to nitrogen supply. OENO One 53, 289-306.

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