Burger Philippe

Burger Philippe

Design Engineer
Team : MAGE
Phenotyping method
Information system
Sustainable Development Officer

Agricultural engineer, initially trained in plant improvement, I was a breeder of eucalyptus before doing a thesis in agronomy in the UMR AGIR (INRAE-Occitanie Toulouse) on the cultivation of soybean to obtain high protein contents. I was recruited in 2002 in the UMR AGIR on a 'phenotyping methods' profile. I developed a collaboration with F. Baret's team (EMMAH, INRAE Avignon) on the use of remote sensing methods to increase the throughput of phenotyping methods. This work was amplified from 2012 thanks to the PHENOME project and allowed me to participate i) in the development of acquisition tools (Phenomobile, drone), processing tools (4P-Plant Phenotyping Processing Platform ) and the PHIS information system, and ii) to develop the Agrophen field phenotyping platform which is part of the national Phenome-Emphasis infrastructure managed by the APC unit.

Arrived at LEPSE in the framework of a mobility in 2022, I share my activity between :
- the APC Experimental Unit in Toulouse (responsible for Phenotoul-Agrophen, in transition phase),
- the MAGE team of LEPSE (in integration phase),
- the co-leadership of GAT-PC (Acquisition & Processing Group - Phenome Champ),
- participation in the development of PHIS and the 4P platform (steering committee, tests).

I am also LEPSE's Sustainable Development Officer.



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