Violet Martha

Violet Martha

PhD student
Team : ETAP

Start of the thesis : 01.12.2022

Subject : "Analysis  and characterisation of functioning and growth of grapevine resistant  varieties in response to contrasted cover crop and management practices"

Abstract :

This study is dedicated to the analysis of the nutritional (C,N) and water functioning of grapevine subjected to contrasted genotype x environment x management interactions in order to define new multi-factorial ‘ideotypes’ in the context of climate change and loss of biodiversity.

The genotype effect will be analysed investigating the behaviour of 4 grapevine varieties known to be resistant to fungal diseases, the environment will be modified with different inter row covering practices and the impact of training systems will be analysed using plants subjected to contrasted crop load conditions, foliage height and pruning practices (including minimal pruning). The measurements will involve medium to high throughput phenotyping methods (near infra-red spectometrie, leaf fluorescence, hyperspectral imaging). This approach will allow accessing some precise measurement at the organ scale on water (transpiration), nitrogen, carbon (photosynthesis) and to investigate the carbohydrate composition of vegetative and reproductive organs. A special focus will be given to the impact of management practices/ training systems on carbon and nitrogen allocation between vegetative and reproductive parts in order to determine the best equilibrium between water consumption, yield and sugar accumulation in berries. Descriptions of the temporal evolution of plant vegetative development and its architecture with T-Lidar methodology will complete the dataset. Finally, a functional structural modelling approach will be used to simulate in-silico the performance of the different systems at the plant, or vineyard scale in term of light interception, water use and carbon production. This will help defining the relative importance of the different measured parameters (architectural/functional) on the multi-performances of the system.

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