Pantin Florent

Pantin Florent


Plant functioning and development are strongly controlled by the environment. As a feedback, plant physiology and architecture modify the microclimate. My objective is to contribute to a better understanding of these eco-physio-devo interactions.

> Currently on secondment at IRHS, Angers, France <


My research at LEPSE is focused on the following axes:

  • Stomatal control and leaf hydraulics
  • Nighttime transpiration
  • Integrative analysis of leaf development

I study plant responses to drought and heat stress using biophysical and genetic approaches, mostly on grapevine and Arabidopsis.


  • Representative publications

The genetics of nighttime transpiration in grapevine

Coupel-Ledru et al., 2016, PNAS


A feedback between stomatal control, leaf microclimate and plant architecture

Pantin et al., 2013, Current Biology


The dual effect of abscisic acid on stomata

Pantin et al., 2013, New Phytologist


A switch from metabolics to hydraulics during leaf development

Pantin et al., 2011, Plant Physiology



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17 July 2023


Lecturer in Plant Ecophysiology<br/>Institut Agro Montpellier
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