Dauzat Myriam

Dauzat Myriam

Research Engineer
Technical manager of the PHENOPSIS platform
Manager of a Gas Exchange measurement platform
Assistant Director

Presentation of the missions

Technical managerof the PHENOPSIS platform (M3P): Development, operation and management of the technology platform

Manager of a gas exchange measurement platform : creation, management and optimization of the set (2X LI-6200, Li-6400XT, Li-6800, 2X PPSystem_Ciras 2, 2XPorometers...)

Characterisation of the plant environment - Support for phenotyping



In October 2010, Myriam Dauzat was awarded the Laurier de l'appui à la recherche at the Vth INRA Lauriers ceremony, presided over by Marion Guillou, President of the Institute. The laurels reward the qualities, commitment and results obtained by people working in agricultural research.

Transversal tasks in the unit

Deputy Director of the Unit since 1 January 2020
Permanent training
Maintenance of climatic chambers


Office : 2029
Phone number :
Mail : myriam.dauzat@inrae.fr

Associated with recent publications (2014-2020)

Bergès SE, Vasseur F, Bediée A, Rolland G, Masclef D, Dauzat M, van Munster M, Vile D (2020) Natural variation of Arabidopsis thaliana responses to Cauliflower mosaic virus infection upon water deficit. PLOS Pathogens 16: e1008557. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1008557

Koch G, Rolland G, Dauzat M, Bédiée A, Baldazzi V, Bertin N, Guédon Y and Granier C (2018) Are compound leaves more complex than simple ones? A multi-scale analysis. Annals of botany  

Benoît Valle, Thierry Simonneau, Romain Boulord, Francis Sourd,  Thibault Frisson, Maxime Ryckewaert, Philippe Hamard, Nicolas Brichet, Myriam Dauzat and Angélique Christophe (2018) PYM: a new, affordable, image-based method using a Raspberry Pi to phenotype plant leaf area in a wide diversity of environments. Plant Methods, BioMed Central, 2017, 13 (1)  

Rymaszewski W, Granier C, Vile D, Dauzat M, Bediee A, Luchaire N, Kamrowska D, and Hennig J (2017). Stress-response gene expression reflects morpho-physiological responses to water deficit in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology .   

Massonnet C., Dauzat M., Bédiée A., Vile D. & Granier C. (2015) Individual leaf area of early flowering arabidopsis genotypes is more affected by drought than late flowering ones: a multi-scale analysis in 35 genetically modified lines. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 6, 955-971.

Bresson J., Vasseur F., Dauzat M., Koch G., Granier C. & Vile D. (2015) Quantifying spatial heterogeneity of whole-plant chlorophyll fluorescence during growth and in response to water stress. Plant Methods. 11:23.

Vasseur F., Bontpart T., Dauzat M., Granier C. & Vile D. (2014) Multivariate genetic analysis of plant responses to water deficit and high temperature revealed contrasted adaptive strategies. Journal of Experimental Botany. 65 (22) 6457-6469.

Technical publications

Wojciech Rymaszewski, Myriam Dauzat, Alexis Bédiée, Gaëlle Rolland, Nathalie Luchaire, Christine Granier, Jacek Hennig and Denis Vile :  Measurement of Plant Traits Using the PHENOPSIS Phenotyping Platform; bio-protocol  (2018)

Myriam Dauzat, Anaëlle Dambreville, Justine Bresson, Denis Vile, Bertrand Muller, Vincent Nègre, Garance Koch, François Vasseur, Alexis Bédiée,  Maxence Desigaux, Denis Fourré, Christine Granier PHENOPSIS : quelles évolutions technologiques du premier automate de phénotypage des plantes ?  (Cahier des Techniques, 2017)  

Myriam Dauzat, Dominique Flura: Mesure des rayonnements de grande longueur d’onde (Cahier des Techniques, numéro spécial, 2008) 

Myriam Dauzat et al: Un automate de phénotypage pour cultiver des plantes à des états hydriques du sol contrôlés. (Cahier des Techniques, 2004) 


The poster below,  "PHENOPSIS, a plant phenotyping automaton : 10 years later", was presented at the Phytotron 2014 conference.

Poster Phytotron


Myriam Dauzat-2020

Engineer  INRAE

LEPSE, Office 2029

Phone :
Mail : myriam.dauzat@inrae.fr

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