Vazquez-Rovere Cecilia

Vazquez-Rovere Cecilia

Cecilia Vazquez-Rovere is one of three researchers from INTA (Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria) hosted in Montpellier within the framework of LABINTEX-INTA (an outdoor laboratory without walls)


In order to enhance crop resistance to adverse environmental conditions, the aim of the project is to understand the mechanisms of resistance to abiotic and biotic factors through the identification and functional analysis of candidate genes. Snakin/GASA proteins are widely distributed among plant species and are involved in various aspects of plant growth and development. However, the exact role played by these proteins is still intriguing. In this context, we decided to determine the involvement of different GASA genes of Arabidopsis thaliana in plant development under optimal and suboptimal environmental conditions using the automated platform PHENOPSIS.


Recent publications:

Nahirñak, V, Máximo Rivarola, Martín Gonzalez de Urreta, Norma Paniego, Horacio Esteban Hopp, Natalia Almasia and Cecilia Vazquez-Rovere. (2016). Genome-wide analysis of the Snakin/GASA gene family in Solanum tuberosum. AJPR, April 2016, Volume 93, Issue 2, pp 172-188.

Beracochea,V.C.,Almasia,N.I.,Peluffo,L., Narhirnak,V., Hopp,E.H., Paniego, N., Heinz,R., Vazquez-Rovere, C. and Lia,V.V. (2015). Overexpression of a sunflower germin-like protein (HaGLP1) enhances resistance against fungal pathogens through ROS accumulation in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell Reports. 2015 Oct; 34(10):1717-33

Nahirñak, V, Almasia NI, Hopp HE, Vazquez-Rovere C. (2012). Snakin/GASA proteins: Involvement in hormone crosstalk and redox homeostasis. Plant Signaling and Behavior, Vol 7, Issue 8.

Nahirñak, V, Almasia NI, Fernandez PV, Hopp HE, Estevez JM, Carrari F, Vazquez-Rovere C.(2012)  Potato snakin-1 gene silencing affects cell division, primary metabolism and cell wall composition. Plant Physiology, January 2012, Vol. 158, pp. 252–263.

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